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Online Marketing.

Now that you’ve created a website, product or e-commerce platform – it’s time to grab the attention of your key demographic. Announcing your existence to your potential client is of vital importance to the success and growth of your company. Our team of experts know how to navigate the ever-changing algorithms of social media and search engines – ensuring that with targeted measures your company gets maximum visibility on popular platforms such as the ever-popular Google, Amazon or Instagram.


No online marketing discussion is complete without the mention of search engine marketing (SEM). Both search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) are important tools to implement in your online marketing plan. In consultation with your company and its requirements, our marketing professionals will work on specific measures in order to use your budget optimally and bring you to the fore on the internet.

Social Media Marketing

The most helpful and powerful tool when it comes to online marketing is social media. Since its invention, these platforms can make or break a brand. For tradespeople, this means shifting part of the marketing measures to selected social media channels. Whether Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter – our marketing professionals will develop bespoke social media campaigns for your business on targeted platforms that will reach your target group efficiently.

Marketing Funnel

The Marketing Funnel is a modern online marketing approach, whereas the name suggests, the pool of people is wider at the top and narrows down. Many of these people will initially be undecided – and this is exactly where the marketing funnel comes into play. Our online marketing experts know how to use this new approach and will effectively implement it so that you can benefit from gaining customers and sales.

Image films

Image films are a great way to increase the awareness and image of your company or your product in an informative way. It visually highlights the strengths and advantages of your offer/service/product, to your target group in a professional, yet personal way. Our experts will create meaningful videos for your brand from concept idea to the final product.


A promotional film is an ideal way to market your brand, product or service, in a short, concise and appealing way. It is important to convey the advantages and necessities of the offer in such a way that your target group reacts to it. Our team of experienced commercial filmmakers will create an ad-film that will propel your brand image and recognition, that will lead to more sales and customers. Feel free to contact us, and let our advertising professionals advise you!

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