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3D Visualization for Real Estate and Furniture

When it comes to purchasing a property, especially a first home, clients base their buying decisions on a positive gut instinct. Emotions being the key to this equation. Therefore, bring your blueprints to life with appealing 3D visualizations of your real estate property, that will capture the hearts and minds of your prospective clients.

Without any on-site inspections, sample flats or home staging, it can be hard for clients to visualise themselves in the space. Using 3D visualisation, your real estate property can be virtually designed with the perfect furniture, appliances and even wardrobe to entice your target group. This visual representation will give you the edge when it comes to hooking prospective clients.

External Visualization

An impressive first impression is of supreme importance when introducing your real estate property to buyers and investors. This is where External Visualization or Architectural Visualization can positively impact your sales pitch. Even before the ground-breaking ceremony, give your customers a breath-taking view of the external facade and design of your project – from every possible perspective and angle. But, why stop there? Our competent designers can also design the landscape, the season and the weather according to your specifications.

With a 3D External Visualization / Architectural Visualization you have total control over how you want to portray your project. So, why not show it in the best light, giving your plans and projects a sparkling and wholesome visual. Illuminated windows, children playing in the garden or a family taking a stroll on the property – the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a visual for your project.

Benefits of 3D Visualization as a marketing tool for pre-constructed sites:

  • Exact visual of every angle of the building/home.
  • Photorealistic visuals of the finished project.
  • Every type of property imaginable, can be recreated.
  • Any weather and any scenery is possible to create.
  • No more waiting for the perfect photo day, it can be recreated.
  • Marketing can start before construction begins.
  • Expressive visual content and tours for websites and exposés.

Interior Visualization

The delight customers get from visiting expertly curated sample flats, is an important aspect when sealing the deal. Studies show that home-staging can significantly increase the likelihood of a sale. With 3D Interior Visualization, our designers can create the ideal ambiance featuring high-end designer furniture, appliances and decor – saving you the expenses and time-consuming inspection.

Our creative designers can conjure up any aesthetic with your specifications. Whether you’re aiming for a quaint country-style bedroom with soft furnishing, or a sleek modern kitchen with high-quality wooden flooring – the design options are endless. Additionally, these rooms can be inhabited by 3D families and pets to take your vision to the next level. These photorealistic images will be the key to unlocking your client’s imaginations.


Benefits of 3D Interior Visualization as a marketing tool:

  • Any room can be created and decorated – Offices, kitchens, gyms, club houses etc.
  • Images are photorealistic, high-quality visualizations.
  • Room can be presented with different types of lighting ambiances, to compliment the sales pitch.
  • Aesthetically pleasing rooms without the interior design price tag.
  • Marketing via your customers’ couch at home. 3D Interior Visualizations can be viewed on several devices.

3D Visualization of Furniture

There’s no greater feeling than diving into a cosy couch after a long day at work. Can’t visualise this? That’s where 3D Visualization of Furniture comes into play! Whether you’re looking to design custom furniture pieces that are made for specific rooms, or want to see how a particular chest of drawers would look in a hallway – our 3D Visualizations of furniture will help give your clients an exact idea of how it will look. 

Our designers can solve a multitude of design challenges in no time. Before making it in the physical form, customers can look at the new piece of furniture from all sides and angles with 3D visualizations. They can even change the colours, texture and materials of the piece – giving them complete freedom and creative power! Change the wood grain, the upholstery or recreate furniture from different time periods – these photorealistic images can be changed with a click of a button, keeping the customer’s preferences in mind.

Advantages of 3D Visualization of Furniture:

  • Detailed and accurate reproduction of material and shape.
  • Using a design-generator, the design possibilities are endless.
  • Changes can be implemented immediately without great effort to the visual design.
  • Every piece of furniture can be recreated in a 3D visualization – any and all sizes, curves or unique designs are achievable with the program.
  • Interesting lighting schemes can be imposed on the final 3D furniture piece to give it a more realistic feel and match the mood of your home/office.


Appealing 3D visualizations require only a handful of elements to create a visually stunning impact. Along with your creative skills and imagination, our designers require sketches, floor plans, dimensions and photos to create the 3D visualizations of your real estate project or furniture.

Contact us and we can start working on your rendering goals!

Project Website

Combine the power of the internet with the advances in 3D Visualizations to grab the right customers and investors. Whether you’re building a state-of-the-art office building or a retro apartment with custom-made furniture – whatever the plans, our 3D visualizations for real estate and furniture will be a valuable and impactful bonus for your investors and customers.

Your website, powered with 3D visualizations of your project will mentally transport your prospective clients to the actual site, all from the power of their devices. Once they experience virtually moving through your rooms, buildings and seeing the unique furniture and amenities – they won’t be able to resist being part of your project.

Simplify your sale process and answer any questions with this visual representation of your building project. Our 3D visualizations do the heavy lifting, so that you can be worry-free when it comes to imparting a mental image of your dream project.

360 Degree Panorama

Bridge the gap between the blueprints and the on-site inspection by creating a 360 Degree Panorama experience for your investors and clients. This almost tactile 3D representation will clear any doubts that may arise and give them an immersive 360 view of your project.

Using renders, appealing photos, 3D visualisations of real estate and furniture, our designers create a virtual world where one can explore freely. Your clients can visit this 3D world and observe it from any angle that their curious heart’s desire.

No interior or exterior design is beyond the scope of creation – therefore clients can explore rooms, gardens, buildings, club houses etc in peace. An immersive experience – that’s what you can expect from 360 Degree Panorama designs.

Offer your clients and investors this service and give them the tools to experience your project with this comprehensive product presentation!

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